WHAAA… TATTOO FAKETORY? It's exactly like wining at monopoly but then completely different...

'THE TATTOO FAKETORY' is the first fake tattoo shop where you can purchase the designs and make them a part of yourself, a part of your body "forever"! This shop will take place in the Sectie-C during the Dutch Design Week 2015 exhibition in Eindhoven.

Hellorandmness is a platform promoting Design & Art project while exhibition.
They are an Online Gallery/Shop which is specialized in weird, awkward, fun, but especially random designs. They curated their first exhibition at Salone Del Mobile in Milano in 2013, with a successful little different exhibition, called 'unleash the creatures'. Then they made 'MY SWEET DESIGN FAIR' on the Dutch Design week 2013, an unusual design exhibition, showcasing work in the context of a fair.

Designers —
Lina-Marie Köppen
Lies Arts
Mathieu Frossard
Therese Granlund
Tuomas Markunpoika
Han Decorte
Florian Trebouta