Carogna Records, is founded in 2014 by "Les soeurs Carogna" to make friendship collaboration easier, to hustle and produce vinyls.
We got respect for our own choices and arrabiata pasta.
"into the woods" deadwood's record is the first of our new label.
We are proud as a new pin.

Deadwood is a destiny that we choose as our own death.
For our future collaboration, we wish for them to be up to it. ---
In this project I've been in charge of the graphic and design part. My goal was to create the soul of this new music label, to collaborate with the different actors of this project. The all identity had to be think around the multiplicity of musician than Carogna Records will host in the future. This is just not one artist, but an all platform for different kind of music and different styles than I had to express in this project.

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